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Payments and Portals

Please contact our Billing/Collections Coordinator to set up a payment plan.
Office Manager:       Nancy Forgione Ext. 118   nforgione@energysterling.com

Or click here to Request Information
Pay Your SMLD Utility Bill

Important Notice to all Customers

Welcome to our new customer service portal. Here you will be able to make your SMLD payments online.

Be sure to review the payment instructions: To make a payment, use your Account Number to log in. Do not include the last three digits (i.e. 123001, use only 123. 4567001, use only 4567). Your updated password is on your new bill (you may change it later).

Click Here to follow our BILL PAYING PORTAL link:

Your password can be found on your statement, or you can contact customer service.
Please note that your customer account number has changed with our new billing system. It is essential that you use this number especially when making payments here and through your bank as incorrect numbers will not allow for payment to process.


Click Here to pay with UNIBANK:

Pay Your SMLD Utility Bill by Mail or In-Person

Please note that all checks received at the SMLD will be processed the same day as received. Please date accordingly. Please be sure to review your check for accuracy, signatures; etc. prior to sending it in to SMLD.

Thank you in advance.

ACH Payment Option Now Available at SMLD; Never Miss Discount Day Again.

Sterling Municipal Light Dept. continues to offer additional choices to residents so that they may pay their bills more easily.

Avoid missing the discount date and sign up for ACH today! ACH - an automatic (no charge) draft setup allows guaranteed payments so that customers no longer need to write a check, have cash or use a credit card.

*** Call the office at 978-422-8267 in order to set up the ACH Draft option on your account today**
Customer Portal for Data Usage

You may contact our customer service department at 978-422-8267 or customerservice@energysterling.com regarding any about your  Data usage or click on this link below.
Click Here To Access SMLD MI.NET Customer Portal for DATA USAGE: you must contact customer service to create an account login
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The SMLD is happy to provide its customers with programs such as our early bill payment discount, gift certificates and energy consulting.
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Simply plug the Kill-A-Watt™ Electricity Usage Monitor into a three-prong, grounded wall outlet, plug your electrical product into it, and then find out how efficient (or wasteful) it is.
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